Rediscovering Roots

First trip to Jerusalem in 13 years. First time I'm documenting it. Rediscovering and immersing myself in the beautiful & conflicted country that has made me who I am. Jerusalem, Palestine through the lens of Samah Assad and her Nikon D3100.

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Fútbol Aficionados - The passion Palestinians have for soccer is undying. Whether they’re kicking the ball around the city’s rocky roads or competing in a match on the grassy fields, soccer seems to be more than a hobby, but a muse that drives them daily.

Top: We spotted a handful of children playing soccer in the ancient streets of the Old City. “Can I try? Teach me how to play!” my mom playfully called out to one of the boys. He giggled, happily handed her the ball and gave her a quick kicking lesson in the middle of the street.

Bottom: A Palestinian boy strikes the ball to his teammate in the distance as they play on a court in the village of Beit Hanina.


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